Hiwata no Nadoko (Bullied Simulator) is a “fan game” of the game “Yandere Simulator.” Your task is to get revenge on the students who have bullied you to the limit.

The “fan game” is still in development but we have a lot of surprises for you yet!

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Testing Build Released!

Hello everyone! We have a great announcement! Finally, the first public alpha build has been released! This build doesnt represent the final version.Major changes will happen starting right now. Have fun with this build! https://mega.nz/#!LE5TyS7R!UVOqxegI5nl5dGs9MhbZxZln1WUtsO4cxTjPDKzROU4 However, the alpha will be closed in three days and it will become exclusively to youtubers. Have nice day/night! -Bullied … Continue reading Testing Build Released!

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