Progress Report

Hello fans!

It has been a time since our last post!

You may ask, what’s going on right now? Why there are no updates about progress?

We are actually making something more big than we thought. It is something that it will amaze you! However, we wont say what is it, until our surprise is mostly completed! Stay tuned!

Also, the Characters page has been updated with a new character and new illustrations! Check it out!

-Bullied Team

Bug Fix Build coming soon!

Wow! Last build really had so many bugs! We apologize.But dont worry, a build is coming in some hours!

Bug Fix List:

-Fixed bug that didnt allow Ijimi to move

-Fixed a bug with the Light Music Club leader’s hair

-Fixed a bug that allowed to play the cutscenes on a corrupted way

Link:Soon! Some few hours.

-Bullied Team