Bug Fix Build coming soon!

Wow! Last build really had so many bugs! We apologize.But dont worry, a build is coming in some hours!

Bug Fix List:

-Fixed bug that didnt allow Ijimi to move

-Fixed a bug with the Light Music Club leader’s hair

-Fixed a bug that allowed to play the cutscenes on a corrupted way

Link:Soon! Some few hours.

-Bullied Team



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!(Atleast, in West Europe, for the other world parts, in advance xD)

Lets say goodbye to 2016 and forget bad moments and lets start 2017 all happy!

Oh hi Bullied Team, yeah, happy new year, bla bla bla…….WHERES HIWATA NO NADOKO DOWNLOAD lwjfbn<´WEGLIKJewthl4.ygkn!!!!!111!!!!!111!

Woah! Calm down! Lets talk about this relaxed….

A few months back, i told that the release date may be released from November-December estimating.Looks like we passed that estimated deadline!

All of this happened due to the recent problems we had with the mod.Because of this, we´ll try to bring it as soon as possible this year, maybe its ready, estimated again, from March-June, March in best case and June in worst case.

We would still love to see progress on it! Could you upload footage of it to this page more frequently?

Yeah, i´ll try to as long as i can.

Will we get a demo/beta version?

Yes, and since we have most of the gameplay and the first rival done (Sei Teki), we just need to fix some bugs and then release it as soon as possible.However, the demo/beta wont be avaiable always avaiable.When we release it, we will let it 3 days avaiable for everyone and then make it a close demo/beta for specified people.

I would like to see hows the game´s state or how much things are implemented!

I made a page called “Progress of the mod”.There, you can see the state of the game, estimated release date, percent of implemented assets, etc…

With that said, i wish you a good 2017!

-Bullied Team


Hiwata no Nadoko still continues

Hi fans!

As far i saw on the last poll, so much people thought that it would be cancelled.This post its for saying that IT WONT BE CANCELED,IT JUST RETURNS TO A MOD.IA dont know how people could believe something like this.We will finish Hiwata without caring of how much would it take!

Well, that´s what i wanted to say, but before, check this fanart by Bananao Tan!