Characters (NEW ARTWORK)


Ijimi is the protagonist of Hiwata no Nadoko. She was very nice and kind person. But it all changed once the rumors started….

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Sei may seem sweet and cute but don’t let that foul you. Sei tries to seduce boys to do what ever she wants them to, no matter the cost. She will do whatever it takes to stop you.

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Takeshi Mija

Takeshi is everyone’s favorite boy! All the girls are in love with him. Takeshi and Ijimi used to be lovers. But that all changed after the rumors. He left Ijimi for her best friend, Ino Rite.

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Ino Rite

Ino is a sweet and lovely school girl. But is spoiled rich with her fathers money. Ino and Ijimi used to be best friends until Ino stole her boyfriend from her.

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Omoi is a spoiled himedere who doesn’t wait for approval. Her father is the CEO of the school board and will do anything to protect her daughter.

Art by Generica and Fausin.