Characters (+2)


Ijimi is the character you will play as.At first, she was a very nice and kind person, but, after the appereance of rumors about her, she became depressed and shy…ejwnyeeohcamamc_8ac6tolgbwisyqkuqd2z_fvuhoc1z7jmbqpqnzvacc4s47btzsqulkx4kqmf02a5iammxo_sdaju5dzrfhej-ixg-i_3ifqxek5u8ce7qk2x7y3n9weepyg


She’s one of the rivals that dropped Ijimi’s reputation into the ground.She’s a pervert, and she tries to seduce boys and girls if she has an oportunity for it.

Takeshi Mija

He was Ijimi’s boyfriend before the rumors. However, after this rumors, he broke with Ijimi and started a relationship with Ino Rite, Ijimi’s exfriend.

Ino Rite

Ijimi’s exfriend.They were so close each other.Ino wanted Takeshi to be his boyfriend, however, Ijimi was with him.After rumors, she took the oportunity to confess to Takeshi.

Art by Generica.